Sheltering Families In Need

img_0291Roof 4 Roof, a Carlstadt-based general contractor, uses proceeds from every completed project to help struggling families. To date, Roof 4 Roof has helped more than 700 families in the US

and abroad. The latest family to benefit from their generosity is the Edmonds family of Bergenfield.

“One of life’s most basic needs is shelter. Keeping a safe, dry roof over their family’s heads has become increasingly difficult for many homeowners” says Roof 4 Roof President & Founder Chuck Anania.

It all started in 2010 when Anania visited Cali, Colombia. He was deeply moved by the extreme poverty and terrible conditions he saw: collapsing, leaky roofs posed serious health, safety and quality of life issues to residents—including children and the elderly.

Anania knew he had to help in some way. Drawing on his nearly 20 years of roofing experience, he figured out a way to help those unable to help themselves in a continuous, sustainable way. And from there Roof 4 Roof was born.

Recently, Chuck was contacted by Habitat for Humanity about a Bergenfield resident, Michelle Edmonds, who needed a new roof. The organization had learned her story from Edmonds’ neighbor.

“For two years we couldn’t use our kitchen because if it rained, it rained in the kitchen” says Edmonds of the condition of her previous roof.

Edmonds worked two jobs until 2001 when a surgery left her disabled. Soon after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.img_0292

“Some days are good days. Some days are not” said Edmonds of her health.

Despite her own setbacks, Edmonds has always given what she had to others. When she learns of friends, family and acquaintances who are in need of a roof over their heads, Edmonds invites them to stay with her. She has taken in those whose homes were flooded or burnt down and many who fell on hard times after losing their jobs. She even raised children who were not her own. At one point, Edmonds opened her home to ensure as many as 14 people have had a roof over their heads. Today she has seven in her household, including her 11-month old grandson.

“Whatever I have is everybody’s” said Edmonds about opening her home to others.

She had learned this giving mentality from her mother, an extraordinarily generous woman. Edmonds is happy to have passed down the same giving nature to her daughters and grandchildren. Her message to those who fall on hard times is “Don’t ever give up”—words Edmonds herself lives by.

Now Anania is thanking Edmonds for her selflessness by giving her a new roof. Anania and his team installed new img_0288shingles and gutters at Edmond’s West Broad Street address. Edmond’s neighbor who brought her need to the attention of Habitat for Humanity generously donated $1000 toward the cost of materials. While the total project would usually cost over $5000, it was of no cost to Edmonds.

“I thank God all the time that someone would do this for me. Chuck is a blessing, an angel,” said Edmonds.

Work was completed at the Edmonds’ household on February 9.

Roof 4 Roof is a for-profit, for-progress roofing and remodeling company with an extreme emphasis on giving back. Their services include repairing, maintaining and replacing all type of roofs, siding, chimneys, stucco, skylights, gutter/drain systems, masonry work, paving, and energy-saving products and services. In nearly 30 years Roof 4 Roof has installed over 15,000,000 square feet of remodeling services.

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