Pursuing Young Professional Talent

dreamstime_l_26663693The job market has transformed remarkably from the effortless process of rudimentary interviewing and hiring to a more complex version of tailoring and appealing to the rising generation in order to best catch a small fraction of their flickering attention.

As a recruiter, it is imperative to not become lost in the revolution of novel recruiting techniques. Instead, you must push the envelope and use innovative, engaging skills to pursue candidates who would fit seamlessly into your work dynamic.

Here are some approaches to help better draw in these employees.

Individualize your appearance

Your company’s image or brand projects a reflection of the value and interest of your company; thus, establishing a fixed and vibrant message to potential employees is incredibly vital.

Millennials crave companies with a passion and clear message—and as your brand is advertised, young talent will be most attracted to those with distinguishing, welcoming missions and objectives. This must be done swiftly and correctly. Otherwise others will classify your brand for you.

Is your corporation one that many aspiring business professionals crave to be a part of? If not, you must attempt to unearth their desire by means of customizing work attire, individualizing office space and constructing captivating visuals.

Focus on relationships

These days, recruiting and dating have many commonalities. The process to which a candidate chooses you is grounded in how they view your company’s values and goals, in addition to how esthetically pleasing your office life and culture appear. First impressions are vital when interviewing so it is important to step outside the conference room to introduce the potential employee to team members they would be working and engaging with.

Here at Wiss, we work to break the mold of typical job postings by adding the bios of our current team members and groups that the job applicants will be joining. If the candidate sees how important our people are to us, they too will feel that they will be valued at our firm.

Stay relevant on social media

In the ground-breaking domain of social networking, millennials are submerged in innumerable amounts of novel technologies, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and other sites you may or may not be aware of.

In consequence, many young workers use social media to scope out available job positions. To confirm your spot on the social media scene, refer to those closest to you—your own employee—to assist you in perfecting your message and making sure you reach out to the correct audience.

However, do not just use social media to stay relevant with millennial professionals. Preserve a continuous technological relationship with potential young workers on a daily basis. This practice will strengthen your potential pool of employees before you need them.

To help with this process, we have reinforced the Wiss brand by offering photos of our renovated office space and celebrated firm events, which we are confident will appeal to our target job market.

Alluring professional individuals in a competitive environment can be demanding, but the use of extra energy and appeal will result in a phenomenal outcome.

Lisa Calick is the Director of Human Resources at Wiss & Company, LLP. She is responsible for all human capital strategies at Wiss including workforce planning, talent management, learning and development, compensation and employee relations. Lisa works closely with the Firm’s executive team to strengthen work culture and core values. Her team of talented human resource professionals works collectively to create programs that promote a strong team environment and align with the Firm’s vision. They focus on efforts and interactions that encourage a workplace where self-motivation, enthusiasm and innovation lead to both personal and organizational success. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa at lcalick@wiss.com or (973) 994-9400.

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